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Southland Boat Show

12 - 13 August 2023

Our Sponsors

The Southland Trailer Yacht Squadron is proud to have some great sponsors that help us bring everything together and keep the Southland Boat Show running.
The Southland Trailer Yacht Squadron (STYS) was formed in the 1970’s it’s primary objective to encourage trailer yachting throughout Southland, both racing and cruising. It is affiliated to the New Zealand Trailer Yacht Association and is represented on the Southland Yachting Association.
STYS has around 60 family members with many different boat designs. This is one of it’s appealing features, boat owners from all walks of life, getting together to cruise and race with like minded yachties. There are planned activities to suit all interests.
The Squadron organises cruises for most months of the year, and has three major racing regattas as well. Have social gatherings, educational and coaching events, and the ever popular ‘Noggin and Natter’ evening.
The main means of communicating with members is through the Squadron’s magazine ‘Strait’s News’. There are interesting articles to help with boating, as well as keeping members informed of upcoming activities and important ‘dates to remember’.
Boat Show Southland is proudly Organized and run by the Southland Trailer Yacht Squadron.

Doug Riley

Boat Show Convenor

Phone: 027 776 0287


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